Introducing the School Safety Committee

The purpose of this committee is:
To promote school safety on routes to school and in the built and social school environment through advocacy, engaging with parents/caregivers and liaising with the school administration.

The SJD PAC is in the process of forming committees based on guidelines set out by the BC Confederation of Parents Advisory Councils. Learn more here!

Responsibilities include:

  • Engaging with and representing parents’ interests related to school safety issues through surveys, events, meetings and letters;
  • Advocating for safety on school routes and in the built and social learning environment through communication with parents, the school and community partners;
  • Providing updates to PAC executive and members at regular meetings;
  • Providing a forum for parents to bring safety issues to the Committee through meetings or by specific request;
  • Providing a point-of-contact for the Committee and posting resources, surveys, outcomes on the PAC website;
  • To act as the point-of-contact and coordinator when external organizations seek to engage and/or inform parents on issues related to school safety.

Recently, we’ve advocated for the new speed readers on Fairfield, ensured our crossing guard program remains funded and are working with the Fairfield Gonzales Community Association and Ecole Margaret Jenkins to monitor traffic safety issues along Fairfield Road and around our school programs.

Survey and Walkabout

A few weeks ago, a survey was sent to parents regarding traffic safety issues around the school for the purpose of informing a walkabout with City of Victoria staff tasked with road safety improvements. Thank you to everyone who replied. You can read the survey results here.

We had a successful walkabout on two mornings to observe issues during the peak drop-off periods and to point out some of the issues raised by parents. Some of the ideas shared to mitigate the safety issues include:

  • Painting curbs for higher visibility in several areas
  • Increasing no stopping signage on busy areas, like along Thurlow
  • Additional crosswalks at busy crossings on school routes, like Moss and Thurlow, Oscar and Linden, May and Linden
  • Improvements to the Moss and Fairfield intersection, and the crosswalk at Fairfield and Linden
  • Improvements to the FGCA Out-of-School Care drop off area and traffic calming
  • Traffic calming at Kipling and Fairfield
  • Speeding was a major issue raised by parents, especially along Fairfield Road and Moss Street. As speed limits are set through the Province and municipal bylaws, this is something we can raise with our council liaison and look to data from the new speed readers.
  • These are just a few of the ideas discussed and we look forward to hearing back from city staff of what plans are in the works

For more information, to join or reach out the School Safety Committee, please email with “School Safety Committee” in the subject line.