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[Parent Ed] The Askable Adult – Talking about Sexuality & Reproduction with Your Children

Have you ever wondered how to talk about sexuality and reproduction with your children, struggled to find the right words to address tough questions surrounding sexual health, or worried about what was appropriate to share at what age?

Jesse Wollen from Shift Education presents The Askable Adult: Sexuality & Growing Up. This session is geared towards caregivers of children ages 7-12.

When: May 10, 2022 – 7:00-9:00pm
Where: Online – Zoom link –>

Workshop Details

In this practical 2-hour workshop, learn how to begin discussions and how to share information with kids in a clear and understandable way, strategies to handle questions, and what kinds of words to use. Learn how to discuss feelings, emotions, and family values and how to explore your own personal beliefs around sensitive topics.

You’re invited to come as you are, wherever you’re at. This is a serious workshop, delivered with a lot of humour. Expect both deep reflection and moments of laughter.

This workshop is for you if you’re willing to build your capacity to be an “askable adult” who kids can see as an ally. An ally that they can ask questions so that they can grow up with more information and better skills for navigating healthy relationships.

About the speaker:

Jessy Wollen is a teacher, Certified Sexual Health Educator, and founder and CEO of Shift Education.

She has worked with typical and diverse learners since 1995 and has become known for her sense of humour and ability to stimulate much-needed conversation surrounding body-science, sexual health and healthy relationships. 

More info about Jesse

[Parent Ed] Speaking about Truth & Reconciliation with our Children

Monique Gray-Smith will talk to us about speaking on Truth and Reconciliation to your children in a loving and appropriate way.

SJD parents and caregivers are joining this event hosted by the Willows Elementary PAC!

When: April 12, 2022 at 7pm Rescheduled to May 3, 2022 at 7pm
Where: Online – Get the zoom link by clicking “Add to Your Calendar”

About Monique

Monique Gray Smith is a proud mom of teenage twins, an award-winning, best-selling author and sought after consultant. Monique’s most recent novel, Tilly and the Crazy Eights was long listed for Canada Reads 2021.

Monique has 7 books ranging for readers across the life span. These include Speaking our Truth: A Journey of Reconciliation; My Heart Fills with Happiness, You Hold Me Up, Lucy and Lola, Tilly: A Story of Hope and Resilience and recently released, When We Are Kind.

Monique is Cree, Lakota and Scottish and has been sober and involved in her healing journey for over 30 years. She is well known for her storytelling, spirit of generosity and focus on resilience.

More information about Monique can be found on her website at

PAC Newsletter: Feb 2022

February saw the restart of fun lunch, yay!!


SJD Face Masks

Show your spirit with SJD masks designed by one of SJD’s very own parents! Available in both child or adult size. Orders are due this Friday, Feb 25. Masks will be brought home by students.

Note: The order page works best on desktop!


Volunteer Opportunities

Class Reps Still Needed

Many teachers are still needing a parent to become their class rep.  Being a class rep is a great way to forge a relationship with your child’s teacher and get to know the other parents in your child’s class.  Contact your child’s teacher about becoming a class rep!


We’re currently looking for volunteers at the bottle drive on April 10. Signup here!

Join us at the next PAC meeting to find out about upcoming events to volunteer for!

Next PAC meeting is Tuesday March 8, 6:30pm.

Attend the meeting from your home via Zoom! Principal Murray will email out a Zoom link to everyone on the day of the meeting.

PAC Committees

After some recent research, the PAC executive discovered there is a process and structure for committees through the BC Confederation of Parents Advisory Councils and our own constitution that will help us organize our work better and involve more parents.   

BCCPAC guidance: 

SJD PAC Constitution: 

So, we are starting the process of forming committees following these guidelines and developing a framework so future PAC executives and members have an easy-to-follow guide. 

We are working to set up committees for our biggest initiatives – Fundraising, Hot Lunch, Parent Education, and Grade 5 Celebration—and more. There is also the established Active Transportation Committee which will incorporate this structure. We hope this encourages more parents to get involved in the activities they are most interested in and to contribute to the school community.

Introducing the School Safety Committee

The purpose of this committee is:
To promote school safety on routes to school and in the built and social school environment through advocacy, engaging with parents/caregivers and liaising with the school administration.

The SJD PAC is in the process of forming committees based on guidelines set out by the BC Confederation of Parents Advisory Councils. Learn more here!

Responsibilities include:

  • Engaging with and representing parents’ interests related to school safety issues through surveys, events, meetings and letters;
  • Advocating for safety on school routes and in the built and social learning environment through communication with parents, the school and community partners;
  • Providing updates to PAC executive and members at regular meetings;
  • Providing a forum for parents to bring safety issues to the Committee through meetings or by specific request;
  • Providing a point-of-contact for the Committee and posting resources, surveys, outcomes on the PAC website;
  • To act as the point-of-contact and coordinator when external organizations seek to engage and/or inform parents on issues related to school safety.

Recently, we’ve advocated for the new speed readers on Fairfield, ensured our crossing guard program remains funded and are working with the Fairfield Gonzales Community Association and Ecole Margaret Jenkins to monitor traffic safety issues along Fairfield Road and around our school programs.

Survey and Walkabout

A few weeks ago, a survey was sent to parents regarding traffic safety issues around the school for the purpose of informing a walkabout with City of Victoria staff tasked with road safety improvements. Thank you to everyone who replied. You can read the survey results here.

We had a successful walkabout on two mornings to observe issues during the peak drop-off periods and to point out some of the issues raised by parents. Some of the ideas shared to mitigate the safety issues include:

  • Painting curbs for higher visibility in several areas
  • Increasing no stopping signage on busy areas, like along Thurlow
  • Additional crosswalks at busy crossings on school routes, like Moss and Thurlow, Oscar and Linden, May and Linden
  • Improvements to the Moss and Fairfield intersection, and the crosswalk at Fairfield and Linden
  • Improvements to the FGCA Out-of-School Care drop off area and traffic calming
  • Traffic calming at Kipling and Fairfield
  • Speeding was a major issue raised by parents, especially along Fairfield Road and Moss Street. As speed limits are set through the Province and municipal bylaws, this is something we can raise with our council liaison and look to data from the new speed readers.
  • These are just a few of the ideas discussed and we look forward to hearing back from city staff of what plans are in the works

For more information, to join or reach out the School Safety Committee, please email with “School Safety Committee” in the subject line.

PAC Newsletter: Jan 2022

Happy New Year and welcome back to school in 2022.  Take a look at these upcoming PAC fundraisers, parent education and information for January below.  As always, please reach out if you want to volunteer, have ideas or any questions.



SJD Face Masks

SJD masks designed by one of SJD’s very own parents are ready for ordering! There are 2 designs, available in both child or adult size.

SJD Clothing

Support SJD and show your SJD pride with hoodies, t-shirts, touques and hats! An email will be sent out soon when they are ready to be ordered.

Traffic Safety

The SJD PAC plans to meet with the City of Victoria in January to identify any traffic safety concerns for families during peak drop-off and pick-up times. If your family has any areas of concern that you’d like us to flag in advance, please fill in this survey.

Parent Education

All parents and guardians are welcome to participate in an online workshop “How to Raise an Anti-Racist Child”, held by Kerry Cavers with Moms Against Racism.

Learn more

Volunteer Opportunities

Class Reps Still Needed

Many teachers are still needing a parent to become their class rep.  Being a class rep is a great way to forge a relationship with your child’s teacher and get to know the other parents in your child’s class.  Contact your child’s teacher about becoming a class rep!

General Volunteers

Interested in volunteering? Please contact and let us know if you want to be added to our general volunteer list or if you have a specific event you want to volunteer for.

Next PAC meeting is Tuesday Feb 8, 6:30pm.

Attend the meeting from your home via Zoom! Principal Murray will email out a Zoom link to everyone on the day of the meeting.

PAC Newsletter: Nov 2021

With the school year underway, the leaves are falling and the fundraisers are in full swing! You probably got “too much candy” this year from Halloween, so why order more chocolate? Because Purdys chocolate is the good stuff, and they make terrific gifts for friends and co-workers!


Get Involved

Class Reps Still Needed

Many teachers are still needing a parent to become their class rep.  Being a class rep is a great way to forge a relationship with your child’s teacher and get to know the other parents in your child’s class.  Contact your child’s teacher about becoming a class rep!

School Street Safety Committee

We’re looking for people who are interested in increasing the road safety surrounding the school. If that’s you, please consider joining the new School Street Safety Committee.  Contact us or join the next PAC meeting!

Coming Soon – SJD Masks

One of our PAC parents has designed new SJD masks!  We will announce when the masks are ready to order.

Next PAC meeting is Monday Nov. 29, 6:30pm.

Attend the meeting from your home via Zoom! Principal Murray will email out a Zoom link to everyone on the day of the meeting.

Richardson Street Corridor and School Street Safety

Last June, we sent out a survey to the Sir James Douglas Elementary and École Margaret Jenkins School communities regarding how families travel to school, road safety concerns and awareness about the Richardson Street bike corridor under construction – which includes traffic diversions.

Unfortunately, there was no direct engagement by the City of Victoria with the Parents Advisory Councils in the development or implementation of the Richardson Bike Corridor, which is why we felt it important to gauge parents’ awareness, to hear common safety concerns and to better understand how people are travelling to and from the schools.

Many of us walk, bike or drive our kids to school every day and have watched cars speed through school zones and stop signs, trucks barrel past kids waiting at crosswalks or, in some cases, witnessed cars, cyclists or pedestrians struck. Our goal is to ensure safe routes around schools for all kids and to speak up when action is needed. 

We would like to update you on the results of the survey, traffic changes and improvements over the summer, and to remind families to plan for travels to and from schools to accommodate these changes.

PACs Richardson Street Corridor and School Street Safety: Survey Summary

Click here to view full summary including survey comments

  • 252 Respondents (90% associated with either SJD or EMJ)
  • 75% of respondents live in Fairfield-Gonzales or Rockland (12% Oak Bay, 5% James Bay, 8% other)
  • Streets the respondents most travel are: Richardson (100+), Moss (60+), Fairfield (55+), Brooke, Thurlow, Dallas, Chandler and more
  • In response to the question: How do your kids get to school?
    • 177 walk
    • 149 bike
    • 109 drive
    • 20 not parents of school-aged children 
    • 9 take transit 
    • 6 scooter
    • 2 skateboard 
  • 71% of respondents were aware of the Richardson Corridor road closures and traffic diversions, of which 54% had many concerns, 28% had some concerns and 16% had no concerns about impacts – see comments for details about concerns
  • 75% of people surveyed said they did not receive any direct communication (mail, email, phone call) about the design of the project, while 11% said they did.
  • 70% did not come across engagement about the project, while 20% did and 11% can’t recall.
  • 73% of respondents wanted to see road safety concerns addressed before the traffic changes and 15% said they were fine to wait and fix problems as they arise
  • More than half of the people surveyed felt traffic data collected during COVID-19 was not sufficient to be included as a basis for safety analysis
  • More than 171 comments were received about current safety concerns around schools and the highest concerns by far were speeding in school zones and on school routes, unsafe crossings and cars not stopping for pedestrians.

The Survey results have been shared with City of Victoria transportation staff and council members, as well as the Fairfield Gonzales Community Association. We are working together to address existing road safety concerns and to make sure there is appropriate data to inform future actions – namely any impacts by the bike corridor traffic diversions.

Traffic Analysis

This group also requested and received from the City the available data for total traffic volume loads over the past 6 years on the neighbourhood streets between Richardson and Fairfield Road. The determination was that there was zero data collected on a school day for these streets outside of the 2020/21 pandemic years. This puts the onus on parents and neighbours to report any significant changes in traffic patterns as a result of the newly established traffic diversions on Richardson Street.

Click here to view the traffic volume data summary

Traffic Calming Measures

There have been some road safety improvements completed over the summer, which we are glad to see, including new speed reader boards along Fairfield Road and a new 4-way stop and painted crosswalks at Kipling and Thurlow. 

Additional projects in the works include: a pedestrian-leading interval at the intersection of Moss and Fairfield during AM and PM period and improvements to the Fairfield/Linden crosswalk.

Ensuring safe routes around schools is something we can all get on board with and reducing car traffic is one way to help. In May 2021, more than 400 students participated in Active Transportation during Walk and Wheel to School month. This resulted in way less congestion around the school in pick up and drop off times. Now that SJD and EMJ are on the same bell schedule, it’s even more important to plan your trips well. For more information, reach out to your school PACs.

Thank you for participating and for your feedback. Have a great 2021/22 School Year!