SJD PAC Contribution Drive

UPDATE: The PAC Contribution Drive has raised $8,000 so far! That’s 40% of the way to our $20,000 goal! Go PAC! If your family hasn’t already, please consider contributing in whatever way you can. It all goes towards the benefit of our kids and the community at SJD!

New this year, we’re having a contribution drive instead of individual product sales (e.g., coffee sales, plant sales, etc.) which take a lot of parent volunteer hours, and the PAC only receives a fraction of the monies earned.

A contribution drive means that all cash proceeds go directly to the PAC, and it reduces the time burden on our (already busy!) parent volunteers.

We want to redirect those parent volunteer hours to community building events, like the Halloween Bash, the Holiday Emporium and appreciation events for parents and teachers!

Where does the fundraising money go?

  • healthy snacks and meals for kids and families that need it
  • benevolent funds for families experiencing hardship
  • extra learning and classroom materials for teachers
  • playground improvements and athletic equipment for gym and recess
  • library books and home reading books
  • workshops and field trips
  • art programs and visiting authors
  • technology: iPads & other electronic equipment
  • parent education seminars
  • and SO much more!

What is a typical PAC budget per year?

The PAC typically spends about $20,000 per year. Click here to see the current 22/23 SJD PAC budget.

How much is the PAC suggesting that families contribute per child?

If just over 60% of SJD families contribute a suggested amount of $75 per child, the PAC should be able to reach our annual target goal of $20,000.

Is this suggested contribution voluntary?

Yes! The suggested contribution per child is completely voluntary. Each family can choose to contribute whatever amount works for their budget, including the options of less, more, or nothing at all.

Donation options

  • Cheques made to “SJD PAC’ can be brought to the school office
  • Cash can be dropped off at the school office
  • Credit card contributions can be made through SD61’s Donation Page*
  • 5 monthly credit card payments of $15. (automatic withdraw) Click here to start!**

*This is the only option that provides a tax receipt. Be sure to select Fund Destination “Sir James Douglas Elementary – PAC“. NOTE: on the checkout page, the item will say “Board Donation – Sir James Douglas Elementary-PAC“.
**This is processed through Paypal but you don’t need a Paypal account. Click on button “Pay with Debit or Credit Card

Who has a say in how the money is spent?

Members of the PAC – that’s you! All parents and guardians are invited to attend any PAC meeting where they can influence how and where the money is spent.

Is individual contribution information publicly shared?

No, the PAC does not publicly share any information about individual contributions, nor does the PAC (or PAC Exec) review the contributions by names or amounts. The PAC only summarizes and shares the value of the contributions as a whole. 

What were the results of the contribution drive survey?

The results of the 22/23 SJD PAC Contribution Drive Survey are in and here’s what we found out from the 47 families that responded:

  • 70% were in favour of a Contribution Drive
    • 24% had no feelings either way, and 6% were opposed
  • The average suggested amount was $75
  • Multiple families were interested in continuing the bottle drives

I still really want a bottle drive!

If families out there would like to form (and lead!) a Bottle Drive Committee for the 22/23 school year, please complete the SJD 22/23 PAC Committee Form and come to the next PAC meeting to express your interest and plans!  We love it when the parent community comes together.

How can I volunteer?

Join a PAC meeting to hear about events that are looking for volunteers!  Bring your kids; we have childcare and pizza! PAC meetings are usually the 3rd Wednesday of every month. Look at the PAC calendar and stay tuned for reminder emails from school admin!

Your support means a lot!

If you have the means, please consider contributing to the SJD PAC. The PAC dedicates funds towards building a strong and vibrant school community and enhanced educational experience for our children!

More questions? Please reach out!