Donations are Appreciated!

The SJD Parent Advisory Council (PAC) invites you to support our ongoing fundraising efforts by making a monetary contribution rather than lend your time. Your donation is a great way to contribute to our many PAC projects that enrich the experience of all SJD students.

Where does the fundraising money go?
– Teacher support: consumable class room materials
– Athletic equipment for gym and recess
– Library books and home reading books
– Workshops and field trips
– Art programs and visiting authors
– Technology: iPads & other electronic equipment
– Parent education seminars
– and SO much more!

Donations are entirely voluntary and highly appreciated!
Donated funds are in the control of the PAC. All parents are invited to each PAC meeting, where you have the ability to influence how the money is spent.

Donation options:

  • Cheques: can be made out to ‘SJD PAC’ and left at the front desk of the school.
  • Cash: can be donated through the front office.
  • SchoolCash Online: on the SJD website, click the button on the left side.

Thank you for your support!

Any questions? Contact us.