Give Back to School Program

We are part of Finn & Izzy’s “Give Back to School Program” again this year!

That means we receive $5 for every pair of shoes sold (over $50). When you purchase, make sure you mention you want to donate to Sir James Douglas! (There are 25 other schools participating.)

A great way to support the SJD PAC!

A message from Finn & Izzy:

This year more than ever, community is of utmost importance. And we are so thankful to be a part of such a caring, respectful, generous community.

At Finn & Izzy, we believe community is everything. And that by thinking locally, playing locally, and shopping locally we can all help to establish the strong community foundation that supports us all. The continued support we received throughout the ongoing pandemic was humbling and we are so happy to be donating to your school once again this year.

Since the start of the program in 2010, we have donated $ 76,285.00!!! It is something we are very proud of.