Staff Luncheon

Date: Thursday February 21st

The annual SJD Staff Appreciation Lunch hosted by the PAC is on Feb 21st. It’s a great event to celebrate how much the SDJ staff do for our children and how we all appreciate them. In lieu of a potluck with food donated by parents which we have done in the past, we have FoodForThoughtCatering.net catering the luncheon.

$5 suggested donation are accepted from now until Feb 21st

Donations can be dropped off at the front office in the donation box. THANK YOU!!!


Lindsey has done an amazing job at our hot lunch program for many years however this is her last year at SJD. We’re currently looking for a parent to take over the hot lunch program. I’m afraid we won’t have a hot lunch program for next year if we don’t find someone.

If you are interested in this opportunity please contact the SJD PAC: pacsjd@gmail.com

Are you interested in active transportation as a means of getting to school or traveling in your neighborhood? Come join the Sir James Douglas Active Transportation Connection!

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All  parents who have a child enrolled at Sir James Douglas Elementary School are automatically enrolled in the Parents Advisory Council. Together, it is our mission is to enhance and support the educational, physical and emotional development of our children. We listen, discuss, advise, inform, support, serve, contribute, and engage in many aspects of school life.