Talking about Sexuality and Reproduction

Jessy Wollen, Certified Sexual Health Educator and Teacher presented the Askable Adult to the parents and caregivers of SJD. She talks about the importance of clarifying values around healthy relationships and strategies to stay connected and communicating with your kids.

Also check out the resources she has provided below the video!

Note that this isn’t the actual recording of the presentation given to our SJD community but it’s the same content and slides she did present.

Here are the resources mentioned in the workshop organized by age:

Great books for K- 4’s

This one is great for Kindergartens, Grade 1 and 2’s

Screen Shot 2022-01-24 at 9.17.07 PM.png

Amazing You.jpeg

It’s so Amazing is great for ages 7 and up. I love Robie Harris books! Kids love the illustrations!


Consent For Kids has great examples of being the boss of your own body. It explains boundaries and how to stand up to uncomfortable experiences. Good for all elementary students.

Consent for Kids.jpeg

Love your Body is a great book about loving and accepting our bodies. A great book for kids grade 3 and up. It’s never too early to love all the great things our body can do!

Love Your Body.jpeg

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For puberty aged kids, grade 5 – 7, take a look at for videos about growing up. Please review the site before sharing with your kids. There are many videos on the site. 

Gender Diversity:

Parent and Teacher research:

Excellent websites for youth and adults seeking science based reliable information:

CBC reported on this story leading up to the AGM (

And CHEK did a story last week

Another set of students working to bring consent education into the schools: