Purdys Chocolates

SJD Purdys Easter Chocolate Fundraiser

It’s time for SJD Purdys Easter Chocolate Fundraiser. Funds raised through this initiative go toward improving school life for our children by supporting reading programs, fine arts, sports clubs and a variety of field trips. Prices in the brochure are the same as those found in Purdy’s retail stores. SJD PAC will receive 25% of the sales with the possibility of additional bonuses.

Order deadlines:
March 13, 2020, for paper orders
March 25, 2020, for online orders

All orders, whether made online or by paper order, will be available for pick up at SJD school on April 8, 2020.

There are two ways to order:

1.   Go to  www.purdysgpp.com. If you ordered chocolates with SJD before, log on using your information. If you have not ordered chocolates online before you will have to register as a member. Our SJD customer number is 12972.

2.  Click here to get printable PDF order form:  2020 SJD PAC Purdy

If you have any questions please contact Roxanna at roxanna.mohtadi@gmail.com

Thank you for supporting SJD PAC!