Holiday Emporium

The holiday emporium is back! It’s a fun & independent holiday experience for SJD students that promotes reducing, reusing and recycling. Students select inexpensive, gently used items as gifts for family members. Items will be wrapped in donated materials.

Event date: December 14, 2022

Have you child return their completed gift tags in an envelope to their teacher and include your cash donation or donate by credit card here.

Donate Items

Donate gently used items to be offered at the Emporium. Must be clean and in good condition. See donation ideas below.

Drop off at the school office Dec 1-13

Volunteers Needed!

We need volunteers to make this event happen, for days leading up to the event, and especially on the day of the event!

What to Donate

We’re looking for items that can be gifts for adults and children alike. Students may be selecting a gift for their parents, grandparents, or siblings!

Items must be in good condition. Ask yourself: Would you be comfortable wrapping it and re-gifting it?


  • games, toys, puzzles with all pieces
  • candles, decor, household items
  • craft supplies, books and art
  • jewelry, accessories
  • audio/video media
  • small sports gear
  • knick knacks and doohickies
  • gently used or new gift wrapping supplies

Cannot accept

  • stuffed toys
  • fast food restaurant toys
  • used clothing/hats
  • textbooks/magazines
  • vhs/cassettes
  • damaged/broken/dirty anything

All unsold items will be donated to charity.

Day of event

The emporium will run a bit differently this year, if you’re used to what it was like in previous years.

This year, there will be no “prices”. Instead, all children can choose 2 items to gift, and are asked to bring a cash donation of $5-10 but is not required.

When the official event is over at the school day, from 2:50-3:00pm, parents and staff can select items by donation.