My child didn’t receive the lunch I ordered and paid for? What gives?

Despite our volunteers best efforts, mistakes do happen.  If your child was missed, please contact our volunteer lunch coordinator to let them know.  In addition, discuss with your child what to do next time this happens.  We ask all volunteers to make sure to ask if everyone has a lunch before leaving the class so often it’s simply a matter of raising your hand.

I missed the order deadline! What should I do!?!

Unfortunately there’s not much we can do.  We have to get our orders into the suppliers and they have given us a set order date.  If you’ve missed out this week, you can still go online to place your orders for future lunches.

Volunteer Questions

I finished distributing lunches and a child came up and said they should have received a lunch but didn’t?

Ask them to check their backpack to see if they have a packed lunch. If they do, then chances are they were never signed up in the first place. If there is no packed lunch, then send them to the front office to receive permission (allergies etc) before they come upstairs to the hub to get food.

I’m in the classroom when I realize I’m short in my basket! What should I do?

Finish handing out the rest of the food, then bring your class list back up to the Hub and talk to one of the coordinators. They’ll be accumulating the extra food from other classes and can get you what you need. Please do NOT take food yourself. There are many factors at play here including making note or ordering errors, parental input and allergies.

A student wants to trade their lunch with something else other than what they ordered. I have extra in my basket, can we trade?

No. We need to adhere to parents wishes as well there may be allergy issues to consider.

I was supposed to volunteer but my class already has two people, should I just go home?

If you’re available, please check back at the hub to see if there is a class that is short on volunteers.  Miscommunications do occur but with everyone working as a team we can get each student!

My child wants to come up and say hi to me in the Hub, is that okay?

Due to sheer number of people who have to be at the Hub to organize hot lunches and the limited space there is a ‘No Students’ rule at the Hub.  For volunteers who have ‘little helpers’ joining them, they are more than welcome. Once lunch begins, the students are supposed to be in their classrooms and the teachers do not appreciate having to delay their lunch to track down missing kids.  Feel free though to pop by your child’s classroom once lunch is underway to say hi.