Vic High Stadium

Victoria High School Stadium Revitalization

At the November 2014 PAC meeting, there was a presentation given by the Vic High Alumni group.  They are currently in the midst of community consultation and fundraising.  MARK YOUR CALENDARS for community consultation meeting on December 2.

The powerpoint presentation reviewing the history and concepts of this project can be found here (VicHigh).

A short survey about your opinions regarding this project can be found here.

This is important for SJD parents as our children will eventually be heading up the hill to Vic High and we’d like to have this project underway before they get there.


One Response to Vic High Stadium

  1. Glenys Webster says:

    I am a parent of a child attending SJD and a scientist specializing in the human health effects of environmental chemicals. I am very concerned about the prospect of installing an artificial turf field at Vic High. The crumb rubber used as “in fill” in artificial turf fields contain heavy metals, volatile organic compounds and other toxins, some of which are known carcinogens. There is anecdotal evidence of higher cancer rates among athletes playing frequently on these fields. I would like to be involved in discussions about this development, and would strongly advocate for the school to install a regular grass playing field instead of artificial turf.

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