Each class needs one or two helpers to help distribute food on lunch days.  If you’re available, please contact your class rep to let them know.

Never volunteered before? Don’t worry! Come on upstairs and one of us can show you the ropes.

Helpers arrive: 11:30 to 11:40 am
Lunch officially begins: 11:50 am
Where to go: the Hub – up the stairs, straight ahead

What do I do?
– Collect food from the Hub
– Bring it to classroom  *Some teachers will allow you to come in early to setup; some prefer that you do not.  Your teacher will let you know their preference.
– Distribute lunches to students
– Return any extra food to the Hub (ie absent kids)
– Return laundry baskets to the Hub
– * At least one volunteer should stay in their classroom until the end of lunch to ensure recycling etc occurs.

Special Note: Divs 1 -4 are the lunch monitors!  These baskets need to be filled and distributed first so the kids can get to their assigned classrooms.  Let’s work as a team to make sure this happens.

Regarding Leftover Food: Please return all extra food (ie. absent kids) to the Hub right away. The coordinators redistribute the food to those kids who do not have a lunch.