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Vic High Neighbourhood Action Group

Do you have children on the pathway to Victoria High School? 

As a parent, I am very concerned about the current overcrowding in our elementary schools.  Research indicates that overcrowding has negative effects on cognitive development and learning abilities in children, this will follow them through their whole public education experience.

SD61 is proposing to dispose of its land next to the Vic High school.  This was communicated to the community as a requirement of the seismic upgrades for the school.  This is not the case.  The land should be retained to help offset the projected overcrowding in the district, future learning opportunities or a healthy safe green space for our kids.

This land deal will have direct impacts to Victoria High School and its student population and student needs are not being considered as part of the disposal decision.


  • The school fails to meet Ministry of Education land size standards for a school of its projected size.
  • It will have the 3rd highest school population compared to other high schools in SD61.
  • It will have the least amount of land – 38% less land per student!
  • Less green space negatively impacts mental health development in children and youth, especially in this already vulnerable community.
  • No opportunity to use available land for academic needs or learning facilities – once it’s gone – it’s gone!
  • The recent Boundary Adjustment Review sees this as the only high school in the district expected to support the growth of the downtown core.

The Victoria High School Neighbourhood Action Group has been advocating to the school board for more consultation and better use of the land.  They have put together some very strong arguments on why this is a bad deal for SD61 and our kids.

Visit their website at, or come to an information session or the next school board meeting showing your support.

We want equitable learning opportunities for our kids with other areas within SD61, don’t you?

Information Sessions School Board Meeting
Date(s):          Nov 5 & 6

Time:              7:30 pm

Location:        FCA Building

1923 Fernwood Road

Date(s):          October 28, 2019

Time:              7:00 pm

Location:        School Board Office

556 Boleskine Road

Corey Kowal
SD61 Parent