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Your marriage is perfect…right?

Everyday we look around us and it appears like everyone’s lives seem so perfect. Perfect home, perfect kids and of course a perfect marriage. The fact is – is that we all have our challenges. Sometimes the challenges affect our work or our children and don’t allow us to love our partners like we really want to. This time of year we are super busy and the last aspect of our life that we focus on is generally our marriage.

5 years ago Gary and I went through some tough times, so much so that we considered leaving one another. But we made a firm decision that our marriage meant everything to us.  After quitting our work entirely and studying our relationship full-time we started learning what we needed to do to make our marriage fulfilling and enjoyable.

Our marriage has become sacred to us,  a place where we want to spend time, a place where we can grow personally  and become passionate about ways we can contribute to the world as a team. In doing so our children gained a sense of security, confidence, and safety,  which allows them to be kids: to play freely, to have caring friendships, to give it their all in sports, to enjoy reading, writing and exploring their creativity, and to be connected to nature.

What we are going to share in our conversation June 19th @ 7pm is how we came upon the decision to make our marriage  worth it, what we did to get out of the rut of feeling empty and distant in our marriage, and the realization that changed everything for us and took us to a richer level of love and connection.

Come on out to this illuminating conversation which is sure to shed new light on your marriage!  Anyone that shows up is admitting that no one’s marriage is perfect and that you are interested in growing and enriching your life with your partner. You will best benefit by showing up together! Mark your calendar now, your kids will thank you for it.